<em>Not an Artichoke Nor From Jerusalem</em>

Marina Zurkow
Not an Artichoke Nor From Jerusalem, January 16th, 2012
The Artist’s Institute, New York
Five-course meal, wine, special toasts, and cocktails
“Local” dinner for 25, custom menus

A dinner that renders the local exotic, and the exotic all too local: We are serving a meal harvested in nearby waters or foraged on the adjoining shores. Tong-ho. Whores’ eggs. Knotweed. Sapidissima. Sumac. These words feel strangely potent in the mouth. Language frames our experience of food, and these names evoke rich and bloody histories that have identified them as food or as pest. And we promise: they taste very good.

Some are native species that have populated the New York region for millennia, while others are invaders: species brought here as hitchhikers or once-welcome foreign guests. We shall feast Haud Nomine Tantum (not in name alone).

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