<em>Karaoke Ice</em>

Marina Zurkow
Karaoke Ice, 2006
Live performance with ice cream truck, iciees, squirrel emcee, lights and custom software
With Nancy Nowacek and Katie Salen

Commissioned for ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge, and commissioned by CADRE, SJSU, and the Montalvo Arts Center Sally and Don Lucas Artists Programs.

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10 Steps to Achieve Karaoke Wonder
1. Resist the urge to stare at your feet. You’ll miss the cue from the squirrel.
2. When attempting to sing Hey Ya by Outkast, remember that vowels too can be words.
3. Avoid gazing directly into the mirror ball.
4. If you lose your place, make it up.
5. Try the “Wedge and Pry:” signature dance move of the oyster shuck.
6. Bring friends. Safety comes in numbers.
7. Try turning Ring of Fire into a sing along.
8. Save the stage diving for the pool.
9. Aretha Franklin has soul. You may not. So what.
10. Take precaution when attempting to Flip It and Reverse It.[/two_third]

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