Marina Zurkow
Hydrocarbons, 2012
Custom software (color, sound), single-channel animation
2 min 32 sec, loop
Dimensions variable, landscape orientation
Edition of 5

Extracting and manipulating a clip from The Inside Story of Modern Gasoline, an industrial film (1949), endless chains of anthropomorphized hydrocarbon molecules dance until they blot out the screen. Hydrocarbon chains are the base material for all plastics. They know not what they become, they simply proliferate. Hydrocarbons are indeed dispassionately lively actors, taking an indiscriminate variety of forms: they may be rotting garbage, they may be gasoline, they may be corpses; all energy and potential. 

On exhibition at DiverseWorks Art Space, Houston, TX from March 16 to April 21, 2012.

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