<em>Cattle Armor System: Sound Collar with Cow Bell</em>

Marina Zurkow
Cattle Armor System: Sound Collar with Cow Bell, 2012
Leather, embroidered nylon, brass, Arduino, piezo tweeters, plexiglass

Cattle Armor System Audio Tracks: “I Don’t Want to Die Alone” (Macho Joe), Spring Boing Boing, Bowling Strike, Engine Revving, Cymbal Crash, “Get Along, Little Dogies” (Tex Ritter), Elephant, Gargle, Lion Roar, Missile, Explosion, Lawn Mower, Cartoon Outta Here!, Police Siren, Firetruck Siren, Man Vomiting, Whale Songs, Dolphin and Whale Songs, Wolf Whistle, Yodel

Commissioned by ISEA 2012 and the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
Collaboration with Christie Leece[/two_third]

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