<em>Tree Drawing – Himalayan Pine #1</em>
Tim Knowles
Tree Drawing – Himalayan Pine #1, 2011

ink on paper, c print
drawing: 82 x 49″ / 208.3 x 124.5 cm
photograph: 35 x 49″ / 88.9 x 124.5 cm

Knowles’ work is focused on process but maintains a spirit of experimentation by incorporating elements of chance and randomness. In his series of Tree Drawings, nature is an active participant in the creative process. By attaching drawing instruments to low-hanging tree branches Knowles records a tree’s natural motions in the wind, as well as its moments of stillness. Each drawing acts as a signature, revealing the unique qualities and characteristics of the tree.

This particular tree drawing was commissioned for “Verdant”, an exhibition at MassArt in Boston MA, and was produced locally in Fall 2011.

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