<em>Paradise Engineered</em>

Addie Wagenknecht
Paradise Engineered, 2015
From the series Black Hawk Powder
Gunpowder and beet-dyed pigment on vellum
35 x 34.5 x 2 in / 88.9 x 87.6 x 5.1 cm, framed

Black Hawk is a mechanically assisted series of action paintings that Wagenknecht started in 2007. She creates them with small-scale drone aircraft, and in the process, utilizes simple flight commands such as ‘barrel roll’, ‘take off’ and ‘land’. Furthering her first explorations made with liquid acrylics on canvas – Wagenknecht’s 2014 series of works on paper, Black Hawk Powder, incorporates powdered pigments.


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