<em>Liberator Rounds</em>

Addie Wagenknecht
Liberator Rounds, 2​015
Ceiling mounted 3D printed liberators on custom metal body
4.25 x 6.25 x 16 in / 10.8 x 15.9 x 40.6 cm
Courtesy of Upfor Gallery and Mario Gallucci.

Similar to Wagenknecht’s Asymmetric Love (2013), a chandelier made of CCTV cameras and DSL internet cables, Liberator Rounds (2015) also borrows the form of this iconic, yet banal, lighting fixture. “The Liberator,” the sculpture’s namesake, was the first 3D printed, open source handgun that was widely available to download online. Combining these two forms, the work inserts an artifact of surveillance into our everyday environment.

The Liberator gun is indicative of the the corporatization of the surveillance state, ultimately underscoring that our level of trust in corporations is greater than with one another. Commenting on the cultural climate of mass surveillance, especially our unwitting trust in corporations with our most private information, Wagenknecht writes, “3D [printed] guns are simply a byproduct of this.”



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