<em>_doorformsbitman_6000x6000_323 (2×3)</em>

Siebren Versteeg
_doorformsbitman_6000x6000_323 (2×3), 2013
2 algorithmically generated images, inkjet prints on canvas
9.66 x 12 ft / 3 x 3.7 m

This six-canvas series is the most recent product of Versteeg’s ongoing exploration of procedurally-generated Abstract Expressionist paintings.

Versteeg has developed computer software that experiments with compositional rules derived from major works in the Abstract Expressionist canon, using a virtualized painting environment that simulates certain physical and material conditions like gravity and paint viscosity.

Here, his cybernetic workshop has produced two paintings, each of which is contiguous with the other on all four sides. Both paintings have been printed by an industrial size ink-jet, onto canvas three times, and arranged edge to edge.

The outcome is a modular set of two-canvas “tiles” that can be expanded in any direction indefinitely, like wallpaper or a videogame texture.


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