<em>fake news (4K) b</em>

Siebren Versteeg
fake news (4K) b, 2017
Custom software (color, silent), internet connected computer, screen
Dimensions variable, portrait orientation
Edition of 3

fake news (4K) b a creates collaged paintings from live news images, presented as a gallery documentation “video.” The work is an outright digital fabrication:​ The gallery space itself is rendered based on typical gallery settings; the painting documented only exists in this digital form and never as a physical artwork. Each painting shown exists as such for approximately one minute. An alternative view of the gallery and a new painting then proceeds. Versteeg’s custom software sources images from news sites via an internet connection, combining real-time contemporary events with generative brushstrokes and compositional gestures. Rendered and displayed in 4K resolution (Ultra HD, or 4,000 pixels wide), the work appears to be hyper-realistic despite its computer-generated immateriality.

With the rise of fake news during the United States presidential election of 2016 and now under the Trump administration, we are pressed to question reality with ever-increasing urgency. At once a political commentary on this current state of affairs, Versteeg also cheekily alludes to the politics of the art world, in which installation images are circulated more often than shows are attended.

This presentation of his digital painting algorithm in action is a macro iteration of the process and work itself. When creating digital paintings on canvas, Versteeg runs an artist-authored software program and makes compositional selections throughout the process. Such selections​ are printed on canvas, thus presented as physical, digital paintings. In the fake news works––as with other algorithmically generated works such as LIKE, Puff Puff Pass, and Editor––the entire algorithm is shown as a singular, cohesive piece.



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