<em>BOOM (Fresher Acconci)</em>
Siebren Versteeg
BOOM (Fresher Acconci), 2007

internet connected computer program output to Sony monitor, random Google image stream
16 x 18 x 20 in / 40.6 x 45.7 x 50.8 cm

Internet images are culled at random via a live image search for randomly chosen words of an embedded dictionary of 80,000. The images are then animated to appear as a scene from Vito Acconci’s video of 1976 entitled The Red Tapes. The Red Tapes was created as a portrait of the U.S. on the event of the Bicentennial. In BOOM (Fresher Acconci), the scene (kind of a low tech PowerPoint slideshow) becomes a non-narrative lock groove; forever downloading and presenting new images in no particular order.
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