<em>Seed Drawings</em>

Clement Valla
Seed Drawings, 2010
Archival inkjet on paper
44 x 44 in / 111.7 x 111.7 cm

“Each Seed Drawing is an aggregate of many smaller drawings, all produced as copies of one another. The process begins from a simple pattern placed in the center of a large empty grid. This initial ‘seed’ is supplied to’s micro-labor market known as Mechanical Turk. Thousands of anonymous online workers are instructed to copy the pattern into an empty space in the grid. As each copy is completed, it in turn is copied by another worker, like a two dimensional game of telephone. The result is a drawing that grows out from the initial seed pattern, and slowly fills in the grid. The iterative process of copying produces growth-like structures. These larger drawing characteristics are purely the result of local interactions; beyond the writing of the algorithm, no single individual is making larger decisions for the group.” – Clement Valla

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