<em>WATCH ME (22-2-2016 12-03-24)</em>
Ry David Bradley
WATCH ME (22-2-2016 12-03-24), 2016

Dye transfer on synthetic suede
48 x 32 in / 122 x 81.3 cm

Courtesy Ry David Bradley

WATCH ME (22-2-2016 12-03-24) by Ry David Bradley is based on a screenshot sourced from the live-streaming app Periscope, which was then reworked and dye-transferred onto synthetic suede. The artist leaves the surface of the “digital painting” unfixed so that the viewer can alter the piece, subverting traditional notions of unique authorship. Bradley, author of the widely read PAINTED,ETC. blog, writes that Periscope is known for attracting individuals who are “addicted to the thrill of being seen, desperate for more followers, more audience, more comments, and more likes.”

rdb_WATCH-ME-(22-2-2016 12-03-24)_2_w

rdb_WATCH-ME-(22-2-2016 12-03-24)_3_w

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