Addie Wagenknecht
crtl+alt+d, 2017
From the series solitaire and cheat codes
Dye-sublimation on aluminum
17 x 14 in / 43.2 x 35.6 cm
Edition of 3

Addie Wagenknecht’s solitaire and cheat codes dye sublimation prints nostalgically recollect the aesthetics of early Windows operating systems. Since 1990, Microsoft has included Windows Solitaire in the pre-installed software for the OS and it has since become a symbol of the era. solitaire and cheat codes reminisces on the glitchy sequence of repeated bouncing cards that is displayed after a player wins the classic game. The series introduces the dated visual to a contemporary context by replacing Susan Kare’s iconic cards with items such as donuts, cash, Tesla cars, and more.
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