<em>Observer #2</em>

Björn Schülke
Observer #2, 2003
Steel, metal alloy, wood, three cameras, tft video display, light emitting diodes, motion sensors, motors, custom circuits, paint
10 ft / 3 m, diameter
9.5 ft / 2.9 m, height

Observer #2 is an absurdist interactive video sculpture. Three cameras, which are controlled by motion sensors and driven by small propellers, observe the audience from different perspectives, while reaching out in space with insect-like arms. The way these electronic eyes react to their environment cannot be predicted; they rather evoke an impression of a higher, impenetrable intelligence. What they ‘see’ appears on the central monitor of the sculpture, and that imagery switches irrationally from one camera to the next. Questioning the ways in which we interact with modern technology, Observer #2 traps the audience within its visual system – as the work monitors and responds in real time to one’s physical engagement with the installation.



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