<em>Trash Mirror</em>

Daniel Rozin
Trash Mirror No. 1, 2001-2006
500 discarded objects, motors, video camera, wood, circuits, custom software
76 x 76 x 6 in / 193 x 193 x 15.2 cm

The Trash Mirror physically builds a picture plane from irregularly shaped objects that have been discarded. Comprised of 500 units along its surface, this piece examines chaos and order. Specifically it highlights our ability to make sense of pixelated grids, even when they are broken. Its odd contours are further emphasized by the grid’s optical functionality, despite its apparent man-made origin. When approached by the viewer, a mirrored silhouette is produced along the object’s surface, activated by software authored by Rozin that processes video signals and breaks up imagery geometrically, seemingly pixel by pixel.



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