<em>Time Scan</em>

Daniel Rozin
Time Scan, 2004
Video camera, custom software (color, silent), computer, 46″ screen
29 x 47 x 5.5 in / 73.7 x 119.4 x 14 cm
Edition of 6

A gliding trail of the immediate past, Time Scan is a software art installation that generates a live screen-based surface of fragmented moments in its environment. Operating as scanner of spatial flux, it displays a history of about 20 seconds, and runs real-time video from right to left along a horizontal axis. Thin slices of a single vertical line of vision in the center of the video frame are extracted and displayed in a continuous scrolling image. Slower movements appear wider and take up more space than quick gestures. This work processes video captured from a small camera and the imagery is translated by artist-authored software.


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