<em>Still Life (HSB A)</em>

Casey Reas
Still Life (HSB A), 2016
Custom software (color, silent), computer, screen
Dimensions variable, portrait or landscape orientation

Each work in Reas’s Still Life series is a simulated “still life”: a composition deconstructing a Platonic solid, composed of and presented as information. The letters A-E in each work’s title references the respective Platonic solid: A – Cube, B – Tetrahedron, C – Octahedron, D – Dodecahedron, E – Icosahedron. Meanwhile, the color schemes are denoted by either RGB (Red, Green, Blue) or HSB (white indicating Hue, green for Saturation, blue for Brightness).

There is no reference to the natural world, as the subject matter derives from pure geometry. Dimensional space is flattened so that multiple planes of the same solid occupy the visual field simultaneously. These new works continue Reas’s practice of creating a system that performs the work. The Still Life series specifically engages the artist’s interest in the space between the subjective experience of being in the world versus the objective, analytical way the world is measured, divided, and defined.

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