<em>Process 14 (Image 3)</em>

Casey Reas
Process 14 (Image 3), 2008
27 x 27 in / 68.6 x 68.6 cm

Process is a body of work that C.E.B. Reas has focused on over the last four years. Conceptually, these works handle geometric abstraction through drawing systems that are assisted by a computer. Reas’s craft ultimately lies in the authorship of time-based geometric logical systems. The drawings are brief moments inside a complex visual structure. These works on paper and unique c prints are special because of the refined handmade touch they seem to hold, despite the fact that the imagery is algorithmically realized. The color palettes in these works are carefully selected by the artist, and the programming language authored by the artist yields individual compositions. Reas’ relationship to writing computer code is akin to Sol LeWitt’s authorship of instructions for wall drawings, however generative software procedures in Reas’ art replace the human hand.

Process 14 is a software implementation of the instructions: “A rectangular surface densely filled with instances of Element 4, each with a different size and direction. Display the intersections by drawing a circle at each point of contact. Set the size of each circle relative to the distance between the centers of the overlapping Elements. Draw the smallest possible circle as black and largest as white, with varying grays between.”

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