<em>Process 14</em>

Casey Reas
Process 14, 2008
Custom software (black and white, silent), documentation prints and cds, computer, screen or projector, wood panels
Dimensions variable, portrait orientation

Perpetually elusive moments characterize Reas’ software installations. Process 14 uses the circle as a primary form. This kinetic system is displayed in the gallery as a projection on a rectangular surface, and the picture plane is split in half vertically. At right, a two-dimensional black and white linear structure reveals the behaviors applied to geometric elements. On the left half, the same geometry creates warm three-dimensional textures.

Process 14 is a software implementation of the instructions: “A rectangular surface densely filled with instances of Element 4, each with a different size and direction. Display the intersections by drawing a circle at each point of contact. Set the size of each circle relative to the distance between the centers of the overlapping Elements. Draw the smallest possible circle as black and largest as white, with varying grays between.”

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