<em>AYFABTU (Followers 1K)</em>

Casey Reas
AYFABTU (Followers 1K), 2015
Custom software (color, silent), digital images, computer, screen or projector
Dimensions variable, portrait orientation

The works in the AYFABTU (Followers) series are aggregate portraits of altered social media profile images of people who follow the @REAS Twitter account. A new partial portrait is added to the collage every other second. Some are intimate friends of @REAS, others are acquaintances, and others are complete strangers who share only this online media connection. Unique identities are compressed into a less differentiated mass that acts as a self-portrait of the artist. This work is one part of a trilogy: AYFABTU (Patrons), AYFABTU (Followers), AYFABTU (Friends). The “Patrons” edition was a commission from Kickstarter that used images submitted by the people who commissioned the work. The “Friends” edition was created with social media profile photos of Facebook friends.


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