Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Wavefunction, 2007

Subsculpture 9
50 Eames chairs, motors, computerized surveillance tracking system
dimensions variable
edition of 3

Wavefunction is a kinetic sculpture comprised of Charles and Ray Eames chairs. When someone approaches, a computerized surveillance system detects their presence and the closest chairs lift off the ground, creating the crest of a wave that spreads over the whole room. Electro-mechanical pistons raise each chair off the ground and are controlled by a computer that runs the mathematics of fluid dynamics, thus making the waves interfere with each other, creating turbulence or becoming calm, just like real water. References include the idea of a function as a field for artistic experimentation, mathematics of dynamic systems capable of generating complex non-linear behaviors, the materialization of surveillance and turbulence and the anti-modular reinterpretation of the work of modern designers.
Photo by John Berens.


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