<em>Pleasant Places #S006.004</em>

Pleasant Places #S006.004, 2015
Ditone print mounted on aluminum
55.2 x 86.7 in / 140 x 220 cm, framed
Edition of 5

Pleasant Places (2015) derives its name from the first series of landscape prints produced in Holland in the seventeenth century. In direct dialogue with the work of Vincent Van Gogh, Quayola returned to the same countryside in Provence, 125 years later. Based on 3D-scanned natural scenery in southern France, the series consists of both hyper-realistic and highly interpretative computer-generated imagery. With high-resolution, laser-scanning technology and computer-simulations, Pleasant Places challenges the photographic image and proposes alternative modes of vision and synthesis: familiar landscapes are transformed into dense and impenetrable masses of geometries. The landscape serves as a point of departure, paying homage to the tradition of landscape painting in Western art, while also alluding to a pivotal moment within its history when representation began to verge on abstraction. The series includes both still and moving images.




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