<em>Laocoön #D20-Q1</em>

Laocoön #D20-Q1, 2016
Pulverised White Marble
92.52 x 51.18 x 47.24 in / 235 x 130 x 120 cm
Photo courtesy Todd White

Laocoön consists in a series of digital and physical sculptures based on the Hellenic baroque masterpiece Laocoön and His Sons. Made of a bespoke marble-filled resin, the sculptures are the result of complex digital simulations and experiments with virtual/physical prototyping technologies. Performing an archaeology of future-pasts, Laocoön proposes an hybrid vision – traversing model and monument, code, the corporeal, and the hyperreal.

No other work of art has received as much attention as the Laocoön and His Sons: since its unearthing from the soil of the Esquiline hill in Rome in 1506, this tour de force of Hellenistic sculptural virtuosity has been reproduced in all possible media, copied, measured and dissected by legions of artists and imposed to generations of students as the supreme model to assimilate. Simply, the Laocoön has become one of the most enduring archetypal forms of European art, as well as a metaphor for the creative power of art itself, for the sheer virtuosity in the rendition of pathos and the exploration of the human form into space. Laocoön is a meta-sculpture, a sculpture that speaks about its own nature.

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