<em>Interval Study #3: 96 divisions of the perfect 13th from E3 to B4</em>

Tristan Perich
Interval Study #3: 96 divisions of the perfect 13th from E3 to B4, 2010
Electronic circuit, 4×24 speakers, aluminum
17.2 x 76.2 in / 43.5 x 193.5 cm

Microtonal Wall is a sonic installation featuring 1,500 speakers. It is the largest work to date by artist and composer Tristan Perich, who created the piece to explore 1-bit noise and pitch. An accumulation of mathematically derived frequencies fills the surface of the sculpture, which behaves as white noise when experienced at a distance. Upon close range, the musical sensation of pitch is audible, as each speaker rings with a distinct frequency.

Prior to his development of this monumental composition, Perich completed a series of Interval Studies, smaller works that focus on narrower discreet frequency ranges in the Western musical scale. Like the larger piece, each array of speakers is housed by an aluminum body, and sub-divided into a grid.

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