<em>net.flag: ten years of flags</em>

Mark Napier
net.flag: ten years of flags, 2002-2012
Video comprised of approximately 23,000 images created online by
Visitors to http://netflag.guggenheim.org
Dimensions variable

In 2002 Mark Napier became one of the first artists commissioned by a major museum to create an online work for its collection. net.flag is a flag for the Internet: a single flag on a webpage, an interface, a volatile mash-up of international flags. Any visitor can change the flag by choosing and arranging pieces of the international flags. On February 18, 2002, the project opened on the Guggenheim Museum website, and in the next ten years visitors to the site created almost 23,000 flags. Each flag lasts minutes, hours or days until the next visitor alters or overwrites it with their own political vision. Starting shortly after 9/11 and ending in the aftermath of Arab Spring, the project net.flag: ten years of flags spans a period of upheaval in which national boundaries have been redrawn and reconceived, enabled in large part by the transformative nature of the Internet, the web, and social media.


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