<em>Alien Fanfare</em>

Jonathan Monaghan
Alien Fanfare, 2014
Video (color, sound), media player, screen or projector
Dimensions variable, landscape orientation
16 min, loop
Edition of 3
Music by Evan Samek and John Di Lascio

Alien Fanfare chronicles a majestic invasion of a fantastical spacecraft that is part flesh, part baroque architecture. This rotating spaceship, decorated with gold filigree and Goya’s royal tapestry cartoons from the Prado, gives birth to a winged probe, that flys towards earth. The probe in turn gives birth to a dragon-like creature that is part couch, part flesh.The invasion ends with a riff of Albrecht Durer’s 15th century woodcut The Triumphal Arch, re-imagined as a boutique hotel topped with a recreation of Madrid’s iconic Beaux Arts style Edificio Metrópolis. Alien Fanfare plays with our desires and anxieties, while creating a surreal vision of a possible future.




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