<em>P-671 b</em>

Manfred Mohr
P-671 b, 1999-2003
Laminated pigment ink on paper
43.4 x 37.4 in / 110 x 95 cm

After working for over three decades in black and white, Mohr’s space.color phase (1999-2003) introduces color. As Mohr’s work progressively became more complex, he was forced to reconsider the use of a binary system (black and white). Color, with its greater spectrum, was more adequate in visually expressing this work. Adding color conveys spatial relationships, which is not based on color theory; instead, the colors should be seen as random elements. Through their differentiation, the complexity and spatial ambiguity that is essential to Mohr’s work emerges. Several works from this period are made with pigment ink on paper, such as P-671 b (1999-2003). This phase of works is also based on the 6-dimensional hypercube.
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