Manfred Mohr
P-511-L, 1997
Acrylic on canvas
70 x 76 in / 177.8 x 193 cm

Plotter drawings from Mohr’s Half Plane series (1995-98) are based on the 6-D hypercube. As indicated for the Laserglyphs (1991), this complex structure has 32 diagonals from which 23040 “diagonal-paths” can be calculated combinatorially. A random selection of two “diagonal-paths” from this alphabet of signs provides the building blocks for each work in this work-phase. In the drawings, the “diagonal-paths” are represented by thick black lines and the vector pairs are represented by thin black lines.

A six-dimensional “diagonal-path” is built from six consecutive connected vectors, each having a different but distinct direction. Each direction represents one of the six mathematical dimensions. All six vectors of one “diagonal-path” are matched with their corresponding vector on the other “diagonal-path”, resulting in six vector pairs. Each vector pair is oriented to form a non-intersecting planar quadrilateral, and then is completed visually with thin lines. Thus, six rectangles are created, and together with the two “diagonal-paths”, describe a contour line, resulting in the most surprising shapes.

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