Manfred Mohr
P-480/010110, 1992
Plotter drawing on paper
14.2 x 14.2 in / 36 x 36 cm

Mohr’s Laserglyphs phase (1991-1992) is based on the six-dimensional hypercube. This geometrically defined structure has thirty-two diagonals. The two endpoints of each diagonal lie diametrically opposite in the structure. A diagonal-path is the connection of two such diametric points through the network of edges of this complex structure. In a 6D hypercube, each of these thirty-two diagonals have 720 different diagonal-paths. For each Laserglyphs piece, a random selection of four diagonal-paths from this repertoire of 23040 (32×720) possible paths is made. The 2D dimensional projection of such groups of four are cut out of a metal plate by a laser to form a relief, such as in P-486-Q (1992). P-480/010110 (1992) shows the 720 diagonal-paths between between two diagonally opposite points in the 6D structure.
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