Manfred Mohr
P-411-F, 1988
Acrylic, shaped white canvas on wood
63 x 66 in / 160 x 167.6 cm

In this work phase (1987-89), the four-dimensional rotation of a hyper-cube becomes an additional element in generating signs and shapes. A four-dimensional hyper-cube can also be seen as a structural relationship of eight interconnected cubes. In this particular work, each of these eight cubes are looked at through a square window (the 0,0,0 rotation of each cube). Four of the cubes are represented by their frontal view (black) and four by their back (grey). This partitioning of black or grey is a combinatorial element in the algorithm of this work.

Mohr’s Line Cluster series (1989-90) is based on the 5-dimensional Hyper-cube, a structure built from a set of eighty lines. A subset of twenty lines, containing four lines from each “dimensional-direction” are chosen from this structure. Each “dimensional-direction” consists therefore of four parallel lines, represented by three thin lines and one thick line (drawn in a given 5-dimensional rotation).

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