Manfred Mohr
P-360-F{FF}, 1984
Plotter ink on canvas
14 x 23.75 in / 35.5 x 60.325 cm

In works from Manfred Mohr’s Divisibility series, the cube is used as a fixed structure to generate signs. The cube is divided into four sections by a horizontal and a vertical cut. Four independent rotations of a cube are projected onto the corresponding quadrants created by the cut. In order to visually stabilize the structure, two diagonally opposed quadrants (top right and bottom left), contain the same rotation. In the first part of this work phase (1980-84), the “four-cut” is the basic structure with which the “out-lines” form shapes and the “in-lines” form signs.

In the second part of this work phase (Divisibility II, 1984-86), a molecular-like growth is created with the “four-cut” as its seed. Growth results from algorithms of graph patterns deciding which “out-lines” of the quadrants created in the preceding generation is used to produce the “four-cut” of the next generation. In a third part, the contours of the “four-cut” is seen as a “shadow-form”, a two dimensional visual history of the cube-growth. The connecting path between the center point of one “four-cut” and the center point of the next “four-cut” is shown as a black line, the growth-line. Similar to the spine in a body, the growth-line is embedded in the shadow-form.

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