Manfred Mohr
P-231, 1978-1979
Silkscreen edition
29.6 x 46.5 in / 75 x 118 cm

P-231 (1978-1979) is from Mohr’s Dimensions phase (1978-1979), during which works are based on the four-dimensional hypercube. This is when the “diagonal-path” of the hypercube is first introduced in Mohr’s practice: A diagonal-path is the connection of two such diametric points through the network of edges of this complex structure, and there are twenty-four diagonal-paths for each of the eight diagonals. For these works, among the others from this period, the graph of a hypercube is the basic generator of signs. This graph is a two-dimensional representation of the hypercube, indicating relationships between points, lines, squares, and cubes inherent in this structure. A global structure is generated either by combinatorially selecting lines from the cube or by showing connecting paths between two given diagonally opposite points on the graph, which are also diagonals. A four-dimensional hypercube has eight pairs of diagonally opposite points.

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