Manfred Mohr
P-169, 1974
Plotter drawings on paper
13 x 13 in / 33 x 33 cm, each

During Mohr’s Cubic Limit phases, he introduced the cube as a fixed system with which signs are generated. In the first part of this phase (1972-1976), an alphabet of signs is created from the twelve lines of a cube. In some works, statistics and rotation are used in the algorithm to generate signs. In others, combinatorial, logical, and additive operators generate the global and local structures of the images.

The series of P-169 (1974) drawings from the second phase of Cubic Limit (1976-1978), during which Mohr divided the cube into two parts by one of the Cartesian planes, or along a specific point on the coordinate plane. For each image the two partitions contain independent rotations of a cube. They are projected into two dimensions and clipped by a square window (the projection of a cube at 0,0,0 degrees). By rotating both parts of these cubes in small but different increments, long sequences of images are developed.


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