Manfred Mohr
P-1611-6_10, 2012
Pigment-ink on canvas
35.5 x 35.5 in / 90 x 90 cm

Artificiata I was Mohr’s first visual artist book published in 1969 by AGENTZIA in Paris. In his new work-phase Artificiata II (2012-13), he emphasizes his strong interest in visual-music and visual-poetry, as manifested in digital images on paper and canvas as well as in screen based works. The algorithm producing these images are described by the artist as follows: “In Artificiata II, I again use the diagonal path of a hypercube which I first introduced into my work in Dimensions I (4-dimensions) in 1978. In this work, a “diagonal-path” from a hypercube, randomly chosen between 11 and 13 dimensions, is drawn. (A diagonal-path is a multiple-segmented line where each change of direction indicates the passage through a dimension). Horizontal lines are attached to the line at each change of dimension, i.e. the horizontal lines are drawn through the y-value of each vertex of the diagonal path when it is projected into 2-D. The spaces between the horizontal lines on either side (left/right) of the diagonal-path are filled with distinct sets of randomly chosen colors. The same procedure also calculates lines and colors in the vertical direction through the x-value of each vertex. The vertical lines are not drawn, but the resulting color sets are retained. This procedure creates four color sets from which three are randomly chosen to construct the resulting image. By overlaying the color sets successively, unpredictable constellations appear. The color spaces and horizontal lines move with the structure when the diagonal path (white line) is in slow motion (rotating in hyper-dimensional space and then projected into 2-D), and can be observed in my realtime computer animation works. The animation algorithm contains random variations of speed and suites of stills, adding a musical rhythm to this work.”


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