<em>Cubic Limit</em>

Manfred Mohr
Cubic Limit, 1973-74
Digital transfer of 16mm film
4 min
Edition of 6

During Manfred Mohr’s legendary 1971 exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, he met the CEO of C.G.M (La Companie Generale de Micromatique), a data storage and preservation company, which specialized in microfilm. Mohr was invited to experiment on their brand new machine DATAGRAPHIX 4460 to make computer animations. He gladly accepted and during the next 4 years made several short computer films. According to Mohr, “It was a very painful experience since the process was very slow and the turnover dragged out over many months.” For the film, each frame was drawn in high resolution with a light beam directly from the computer onto 16mm film to create the animations.


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