<em>Bild-1967 Zeichnung A</em>

Manfred Mohr
Bild-1967 Zeichnung A, 1967
Hand drawing, ink on paper
30.4 x 24.4 in / 77.2 x 62 cm, framed

From the Hard Edge phase (1966-1969) of work, Bild-1967 Zeichnung A (1967) is exemplary of Mohr’s geometric abstraction prior to generating work with a computer. This phase introduces geometry and constructability (but not yet the computer) into his work. In a subjective selection process, geometric elements influenced by electronic and other technical signs are created and distributed over the entire pictorial surface. They are mobile signs, meaning they are exchangeable signs. Since all signs (forms) are surrounded by a pictorial force, they create–in their juxtaposition–a network of abstract visual tension.
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