Sara Ludy
Vapors, 2015
Dimensions variable, landscape orientation

Vapors is a fictional product line of scent-based home experiences. The title refers to diffusion in the air, as well as vaporware – both of which are fantasy products. Vapors unfolds as a parallel universe of domestic home fragrances. Each page includes a 3D rendering distorted with Photoshop paintbrushes, sparkling animated GIFs that imply noise, electricity and energy, and an .mp3 created from online sound generators. The work functions as a series of product display windows, showing a spherical diffuser whose painterly vapors are merged with the backdrop of a window box. The still motion of the 3D rendering coupled with subtle flickers and synthetic sound creates a displacement in time. Vapors refers to fleeting desire, substitution of nature and blind indulgence; symptoms aligned with our use of technology.
Product Ad:

Get ready to seduce your senses with Sea Basement, Peach Chateau and Passion Cove with Vapors, the newest line in sense experiences. With three long-lasting hubs of warm undertones and cool accents you can easily eliminate time with instant effect and desired level. Slip into the deep abyss of Sea Basement with crisp top notes and mid base notes. If you’ve had a long day wrap yourself in Peach Chateau’s burning embers. Have a taste for the dramatic? Lose yourself in Passion Cove’s sultry sins Using state-of-the-art technology each Vapor is carefully blended with the finest essentials, providing an instant getaway fit for any decor.



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