<em>Voz Alta Video and Prototype</em>

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Voz Alta Video and Prototype, 2009
1x150W Xenon light, modified megaphone, computer, live FM low power Radio transmission, transistor radio; 16 min 19 seconds, HD video with stereo sound
Dimensions variable
Edition of 3

Voz Alta is a memorial commissioned for the 40th anniversary of the student massacre that took place in Mexico City on October 2nd 1968, one week before the start of the Olympics.

The prototype is the same Megaphone as was used in the public art piece in 2008, except it has been modified to incorporate a powerful xenon searchlight inside, so that when a participant speaks into it, his or her voice gets converted into light flashes. An FM radio transmitter allows transistor radios to hear exactly what the light is saying: be it live participation or archival material from the memorial.

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