<em>Sphere Packing</em>

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Sphere Packing, 2014
3D printed sphere using different materials depending on the composer, multi-channel sound system, custom-made electronics, stainless steel, IR remote control
Dimensions variable

Sphere Packing is a series of 3D-printed pieces designed to concentrate the entire musical production of a composer in a single dense multi-channel device. The size of each sphere is directly proportional to how prolific the composer was, for example the sphere for Johann Sebastian Bach has 48 cm diameter and holds 1100 loudspeakers playing simultaneously Bach’s 1100 different compositions, while the sphere for Hildegaard Von Bingen only has 11 cm diameter and 69 loudspeakers. The project presents at a glance the comparative production volume of many composers. As people are a couple metres away from a sphere they hear a quiet murmur of sounds, but as they approach and put their ear up close to individual speakers they can hone in on specific compositions. The series is inspired by American composer Charles Ives’ practice of simultaneity as a compositional tool.

The first five composers for the series are as follows:

Karlheinz Stockhausen – Aluminium composite 3D print, 203 channels of sound, 18 cm diameter, 3 Kg weight.
Richard Wagner – Glazed porcelain 3D print, 110 channels of sound, 13 cm diameter, est 3 Kg weight.
Hildegaard Von Bingen – Bronzed steel 3D print, 69 channels of sound, 11 cm diameter, est 3 Kg weight.
Wolfgang A. Mozart – White polymer 3D print, 565 channels of sound, 35 cm diameter, est 5 Kg weight.
Henryk Mikołaj Górecki – Dyed transparent polymer 3D print, 105 channels of sound, 13 cm diameter, est 3 Kg weight.[/two_third]

Sphere Packing

Sphere Packing

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