<em>Make Out</em>

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Make Out, 2009
Shadow Box 8
High resolution interactive display with built-in computerized surveillance system
31.5 x 41 x 5 in / 80 x 104 x 13 cm
Edition of 6

Make Out is the eighth piece in the Shadow Box series of interactive displays with a built-in computerized tracking system. This piece shows thousands of internet videos of couples looking at each other: as soon as someone stands in front of the display his or her silhouette is shown and all the couples within it begin to kiss. The massive array of make-out sessions continues for as long as someone is in front of the work, –as he or she moves away all the kissing ends.

The collector can choose what proportion of the videos are man-woman, woman-woman or man-man. The default state is the statistically faithful proportion of the videos that are online: 50 per cent woman-woman, 30 per cent man-man and 20 per cent man-woman.

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