<em>External Interior</em>

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
External Interior, 2015
Acrylic sphere, 1600 one-way mirrors, LED light, metal, pulleys
24 in / 61 cm, diameter
Edition of 6

External Interior (2015) is an inside out disco ball made with 1600 one-way mirrors mounted on a transparent acrylic sphere, reminiscent of both Julio Le Parc’s mirrored sculptures and the tessellated vision present in insects with compound eyes. The piece is suspended from pulleys and has a counterweight so that it can be raised and lowered easily. As visitors introduce their head inside the sphere, they see a mise en abyme reflection multiplied kaleidoscopically, creating both a spacious, yet isolated, self-centered experience. Meanwhile, from the outside, the public can clearly see the person inside the sphere.







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