Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Entanglement, 2005
Subsculpture 6
Neon, mac mini, custom software, switch
74 x 24 in / 189 x 61 cm
Edition of 5

Two identical neon signs show the word Entanglement, a term used in quantum physics to describe the strange property exhibited by two particles that behave as one. The two signs are placed in two separate rooms, even in two different cities. Under each sign there is a normal light switch that turns it on and off. However, the light switches are also linked through two computers connected to the Internet. In this way the neon signs automatically write email to each other so that they are both either ON or OFF and never independent. This means that for example, the neon will turn ON at a strange time, as someone on the other side of the world just switched his or her copy of the entangled pair ON.

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