Beryl Korot
Florence, 2008
Single channel video (black and white, sound)
10 min 30 sec
Edition of 6

“As I viewed the weaving I’d made on the computer the name Florence Nightingale came to mind, and I realized that though her name had become a cliché, I had no idea who she really was. And so I sifted through hundreds of pages of her brilliant writings, which included an intense rejection of her upper class English background as she sought to find a life of meaning and purpose apart from what was designated by birth. At 30 she set off with a ragtag group of women to save men outside of Istanbul during the brutal Crimean War, and transformed what had been complete neglect on the battlefield into a system of caring for the wounded.

Through the very slow, rhythmic falling of words against a background literally woven from moving video images, (winter storms, boiling water) a new sense of reading and time is created. This piece and Etty are companions. These two works are a kind of poetry from other people’s words… also a kind of soliloquy. They are about people whose actions transcend fear—not in a momentary, instinctual way—but over a sustained period of time.” -Beryl Korot

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