Beryl Korot
Etty, 2009-2010
Single channel video (black and white, sound)
12 min
Edition of 6

Description excerpted from a Rhizome interview with Beryl Korot:

“When I finished Florence I sought a companion for her, someone with that kind of intense resolve over a sustained period of time to dig deep inside herself to find the meaning to carry her through a difficult time. Etty Hillesum, a 29 year old Jewish Dutch writer found herself commuting for a year between Amsterdam and the transit camp of Westerbork, while experiencing and witnessing the devastation befalling Dutch Jews. What drew me to her was her ability to internally resist her inevitable physical captivity and death in an effort not to surrender her ‘self.’ The day she is shipped out, she records ‘We left the camp singing.’

‘Weather’ as the in-motion, woven backdrop to the falling words is a common element in both works. These two pieces are a kind of poetry from other people’s words…also a kind of soliloquy.”

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