<em>Dachau 1974</em><br />Structural diagram<br /> (pictographic video score)
Beryl Korot
Structural diagram (pictographic video score)
for the four-channel video installation Dachau 1974, 1974

pictographic video score: 24 x 18″

      The installation Dachau 1974 focuses on the former concentration camp as a tourist site, as she found it in 1974. Today this piece is highly regarded in the canon of video art for its powerful framing of place and time, in addition to the installation’s technical and structural rigor. Premiered at The Kitchen in 1975, Dachau 1974 is one of the first multiple-channel video art works.

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      Exhibition History
      • 1975
          The Kitchen, New York NY. “Dachau 1974” (solo)
          Everson Museum, Syracuse NY. “Dachau 1974” (solo)
      • 1976
          Hartwick Center for the Arts, Oneonta NY. “Dachau 1974” (solo)
      • 1977
          Documenta 6, Kassel, Germany
      • 1980
          Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. “Two Video-Installations” (solo)
          San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco CA. “Kos, Burden, Korot”
      • 1988
          Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach CA. “Planes and Memory: Campus, Korot, Nauman”
          The Jewish Museum of Art, New York NY. “Time and Memory: Video Art and Identity”
      • 1989
          Kunsthaus Zurich, Switzerland. “Video Skulptur”
          Kolnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany. “Video Skulptur”
          Neuen Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany. “Video Skulptur”
      • 1990
          Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh PA. “Points of Departure: Origins in Video Art. Campus, Korot, Nauman, Wegman”
      • 2002
          Whitney Museum of Art, New York NY. “Into the Light”
      • 2009
          Centro de Arte y Naturaleza (CDAN), Huesca, Spain
      • 2014


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