<em>White between “The Green Blouse” and sneakers, #1</em>

Yael Kanarek
White between “The Green Blouse” and sneakers, #1, 2012
Wood, the word “white” in silicone in nine languages: Amharic, Arabic, English, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Russian
Diameter 42 in / 106.7 cm, depth 2 in / 5.1 cm

This work uses a mix of two color palettes: that of recent sneaker design trends and that of the painting “The Green Blouse” (1919) by Pierre Bonnard. Focused on the subjectivity of perceptual experience, especially color, Kanarek considers the visual language of high-performance athletic gear- its globalized brand names and usage of polymers in the increasingly mechanical manufacturing process. “The Green Blouse” from 1919, is one of Bonnard’s sunlit interior paintings constructed with small brush strokes and a palette of warm and cool colors. Kanarek wanted to bring this ‘temperature’ into her work.

The materiality of this work hybridizes painting, sculpture and multilingualism. As a compositional unit, the word “white” appears in nine languages throughout the picture plane, furthering the viewer’s personal associations to color and its social role within the global network of commodities exchange.

Amharic — Holi
Arabic — Abiad
English — White
German — Weiss
Hebrew — Lavan
Chinese — Bái
Japanese — Shiro
Latin — Niveus
Russian — Bhehley


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