<em>Rainbow, toward a New Balance (Made in the USA)</em>

Yael Kanarek
Rainbow, toward a New Balance (Made in the USA), 2013
Shoes worn by the artist, wood, silicone words in nine languages:
Amharic, Arabic, English, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Russian
Diameter 42 in / 106.7 cm, depth 2 in / 5.1 cm

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The explosively saturated and fluorescent color palette of Rainbow, towards a New Balance (Made in the USA), is drawn from a pair of athletic shoes belonging to the artist. Its three-dimensional surface uses the word “white” as a compositional unit that is repeated hundreds of times, in nine languages, as hand-cast silicone text. Part of Kanarek’s Textwork series, which began in 2007, Rainbow navigates the territorial spaces created by language – in this case, connecting hue to branding and to the globalized use of polymers to manufacture of durable equipment. Shuffling the physical properties of language, Kanarek also creates a cognitive interference known as the Stroop affect. “The gap between text and color creates a pause and allows a white boundless space to emerge in the viewer’s mind, recalling Kandinsky’s observations in ‘Concerning the Spiritual in Art,'” says Kanarek.

Transliterations: Amharic – Holi / Arabic – Abiad / English – White / German – Weiss
Hebrew – Lavan / Chinese – Bái / Japanese – Shiro / Latin – Niveus / Russian – Bhehley



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