<em>Perpetual Dream Catcher</em>

Yael Kanarek
Perpetual Dream Catcher, 2013
Rock climbing ropes, wool and acrylic yarns, carabiners, coeur anchors, barbie weights
Dimensions variable

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Perpetual Dream Catcher is a translation of Leonardo DaVinci’s drawing for a perpetual motion machine, found in his Forester Codex (Volume II, verso 91). Informed by science of the day, it contemplates the possibility of a machine which, once activated, would run infinitely. The ratio and spatial elements in Kanarek’s interpretation are faithful to Leonardo’s construction, but use materials symbolizing strength and high performance. The twelve spokes and circumference are crocheted from rock climbing ropes and suspended from the gallery space with anchored carabiners, balanced by free weights. Playful and feminine, the fifteen pompoms are made of yarn and embody a weightless spirit of adventure, invention and imagination.



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