<em>Love Letter</em>

Yael Kanarek
Love Letter, 2010
Site-specific installation
Text carved into drywall, pencil, marker
Dimensions variable

Sensing the body as a creator and destroyer of space, Kanarek tangles her relationship with the viewer by violently cutting a love letter out of the gallery wall. Left in a state of demolition, chunks of text sit in remnants along the floor. An area of negotiation, the gallery walls are marked by the artist in a primal manipulation of territory and relationship.

Peering though the holes that are cut into the drywall, an inverse message is revealed in the light and shadow. The origins of graffiti lie in raw marking of space using the body.

Love Letter 565/35
I found the key to extreme beauty, but not the keyhole.
I tried in all the holes of my body, but none seemed to fit.
Yours Forever
Yours Sunset/Sunrise
Forever Yours
Yours Forever Yours



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