<em>Liminal Objects #7</em>

Gary Hill
Liminal Objects #7, 1998
Video (black and white, silent), monitor, metal stand, media player
43 x 16.5 x 16.5 in / 109.2 x 41.9 x 41.9 cm
Edition of 2

Liminal Object #7 is a part of an ongoing series of black-and-white works utilizing simple computer animation. The images are displayed on a 14-inch monitor that has been removed from its housing and placed on a metal platform. Each work in the series involves two objects that violate each other’s physical and symbolic borders in unpredictable ways. Liminal Object #7 features an apple and a gyroscope. The apple sits in stillness while the gyroscope moves in, around, and through it in a repetitive interaction, its wobbly axis encircling the apple’s stem.



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